I am the right photographer for you?

How do you tell if they are the right photographer for you to tell your wedding day?

If you’re not asking it means that my pictures did you like, otherwise you would not have even stopped to think about it, then we are already well under way!
I do for you if:
Do you want a photographer that day there stressed out forcing you to pose, but likely to capture every moment without being noticed.

Emanuel Leanza fotografo

If you like reportage photography, and if you want your album is full of pictures that can tell the day of your wedding, black and white, with light that rurscano to stand out in your eyes the details of the emotions that otherwise you lose.

Emanuel leanza foto reportage

If you can not stand the classic group photo, but want spontane photos of yourself and your relatives of close friends.
We do for you.

Emanuel Leanza fotografo Roma

Because we know that you want to relive your wedding day browsing your albums. We will make our pictures with your eternal moments.