Wedding Photographer Rome


Photographer for passion

Working as a wedding photographer is a very requiring job, all the theory previously learned need to be applied practically trying to make unforgettable the most important moments of other people’s life.
Wedding photography not only requires constant artistical and technical updates, but also a special personal touch and all the passion that the photographer has. When the married couple will see the pictures they will live again that special day, with all the emotions that they felt, and the happiness in their eyes is the biggest satisfaction for a photographer.

“What is photography if not the human wish of capturing immortality”

This is our aim here at EmaDa Photo, from the very first moment we meet a couple soon to be married: make immortal every moment of their most important day.
At EmaDa Photo you’ll find a highly professional, experienced and trustful environment.
We’ll tell the story of your wedding day with sensitiveness and reality, through a reportage. We will not ask you to pose for us and we’ll let you enjoy the all day as it comes.
The spontaneity of your emotions will be so clear when you’ll look at the pictures which will make your wedding day unforgettable.